To join our waiting list

To join our waiting list or enquire about  our up and coming litters please contact us as you can imagine its a huge responsibility for us to ensure the puppies go to the best homes possible.
We want loving permanent life long homes for them. .All applicants must be willing to wait a reasonable amount of time for the correct puppy .
please only apply when the wait list is open .

How our waiting list works

We do not take endless names on our lists so spaces are limited,a strict application/vetting  process is in place and we will also require proof of I.D if we approve your application you  will then have the opportunity to reserve a space on our waitlist.

We cannot make any guarantees on colours, sexes or timeframes we feel very strongly that puppies should be selected on their personalities and suitability for the family not solely on how they look. We know that breeding puppies can be very unpredictable, and nature cannot be forced. Even though our girls are in optimum health and are fully vet checked and health tested unfortunately like humans, no pregnancy guarantees healthy puppies therefore we do not contact our waiting lists until the puppies are a few weeks old and we feel comfortable that the puppies are thriving and growing as expected..

We really wish we could fulfil everyone’s dream puppy request but we do ask for patience with this process. Here at Kent cavapoo cavapoochons we  don’t believe bigger is better when it comes to breeding puppies and we do prefer to breed less puppies in order to be sure every puppy in our care receives the undivided attention and time they deserve from us as a family  .We thoroughly enjoy breeding and working with animals even though it is extremely emotional and a a lot of hard work it is without a doubt very rewarding and this is why we  started our breeding journey  . Our girls are extremely well rested between litters and we do not want to overbreed or breed anymore than we currently do due to the high demand therefore you will have to be patient while waiting for one of Our puppies however, we do promise they’re worth the wait!

Before applying to go on our waiting list

Before applying to go on our waiting list please thoroughly research the breed and think it all through ensure all the family is on board and you are fully committed.
Getting a puppy is a huge comittment for many years and theres lots of things to take into concideration.
We are looking for genuine families who have done their homework and are serious about purchasing a puppy from us.
A majority of our puppies are reserved via recommendation hence spaces being limited.
Its of the upmost importance to us to provide the puppies with the most suitable new home as you can imagine the huge responsibility in getting it right.
Please provided a detailed description of the home and environment you can provide for one of our wonderful puppies on your initial email to be considered.

Important information

Reservation of your puppy

If successful in the application process once our litter has arrived we do require a reservation fee to reserve your space in the litter.

The fee is non refundable if you change your mind.However if the puppy dose not pass their vet check with our vet we will refund your deposit in full.

The fee is 10% of the purchase price .

Selection day 

Selection day will take place when the puppies are old enough them you will be able to hold and interact with them . 

We temperament test all our puppies using the puppy profiling methods.

This gives us the opportunity to use our expertise to match the puppies with the best family for them rather than families choosing puppies on cosmetic basis. 

We will be able to advise you on personality and traits of each individual puppy helping you chose the most suitable puppy for your family and life style.

Mum is always here to meet with her puppies alongside all relevent documentation.
We will go over everthing and awnser and questions you may have.  


Upon collection new owners must be willing to sign our contacts.

You must take your puppy to your own vet within 72 hours to confirm their perfect .

Puppies must be returned to us if you can no longer care for them at any stage in their life.

Puppies are avaliable to pet homes only.

You must take out and continue insurance for your puppy.


We understand its such a long time to wait until they are old enough to come home with you. 

As you can imagine we take lots of photos of them from birth .

Once your deposit has been placed we will send you all the weekly photos of your new family member.


Rest assured you will have everything you need to know from us making collection as smooth as possible.

Staying in touch

We put so much into raising our puppies its really important that our puppy families are willing to stay in touch with us .

We are here to help when ever its needed.

Seeing the puppies thriving and loving life in their new homes with their families is one of the best part of the process knowing we have done it all correctly and everyone one is happy .

Waiting list enquiries 

Please provide a detailed description on the home you can provide for one of our puppies. 

Please note without the information unfortunately we will not be able to proceed further.

Its our main priority to place the puppies into the most suitable homes and we are unable to do that with out the relevant information.

please include the breed you would like to be considered for or state if you are happy for either.

If you are looking for a puppy to possibly become a therapy dog in the future this must also be included on you initial email.

All enquiries must included contact numbers please.

Before applying 

You must think it through and discuss with all the family.

Is the breed suitable for you?
Is your property dog friendly?
Can you give them the exercise they require?
can you manage the grooming?
Do you have your landlords permission?
Do you have the time to socialise and train them?

Will your other pets accept a new puppy?
how big is your garden?
How old are your children?
Is all the family in agreement?
Can you arrange daily life around the puppy?
Will you need a dog walker?
Do you have people to help you if needed?
can you support them financially?

Future holidays ?
work commitments?
Is the timing right?

Please answer all these questions in your initial email.

please note this is a waiting list enquiry once sent it dose not mean you are in our list.

Once we have approved your information we will let you know when you have been added too the list.

Thank you for your application 

We understand the wait for a puppy can be frustrating however it’s important for us to ensure that people are not impulsively trying to purchase a puppy from us.

In the meantime your welcome to follow us on social media we have both Instagram and Facebook.

There is tips and advice on there regarding training and health alongside lots of other useful information.

We occasionally pop announcements on there and the best bit is we often upload updates and  photos from the families that have previously purchased puppies from us.

Waiting list applications