Puppy introduction groom

Grooming plays a massive part in your dogs life especially with our breeds .
your dog will need to be groomed throughout their lives to prevent matting and maintain Coat condition and health.

A Positive Start To Grooming 

It is really important that you start grooming your puppy daily once they arrive home, all grooming must be carried out in a controlled environment and manner. Not all puppies /dogs will enjoy it but they will learn to tolerate it .Time must be allocated to ensure you train your puppy to be well behaved when being groomed.Once the process is accepted by your puppy the grooming will become a more positive experience for them at home and when visiting the salons.


Start from day one and continue daily.Keep the grooms short just a few minutes and build up over time,lots of positive rewards after every grooming session.

Ensure your puppy dose not become knotty as it is painful and will become a negative experience .Always thoroughly dry your puppy and use a lower calm setting on the face avoiding direct contact with the eye area.

Find a good groomer who you can trust ideally via recommendation.
Get your puppy to a salon as soon as they are fully vaccinated. Most salons offer a puppy introduction plan to help you puppy adjust to salon visits and makes a positive experience.
Book your salon appointments in advanced good groomers will always be super busy.

Finding A Groomer

Finding a groomer

Reputation is a major factor so ideally you will be looking to use a recommended groomer.
It’s important for your dog to build up a bond and become used to the salon environment as well as the groomer .
You may not always get your desired look however it’s important to communicate with your groomer.
Your groomer should be city & guilds level 3 qualified.
Please don’t be afraid to ask for proof of their qualifications.


On average a full groom should be between £30-£50 
this varies depending on experience , demand and area.
There may be additional cost for things such as..
missed appointments
anal glands

Types of grooms

A full groom should include the following 
bath & blow dry
brushing and detangling minor knots
styling the coat 
nails trimmed 
ears cleaned 

most groomers offer there full range of services separately if needed.

For example if you just need their nails trimmed or the required only a bath and brush.

It’s very important to be exact with what you require especially when it comes to the length you would like .
one person’s short is not another’s!
However you must take in to consideration that it’s not always possible to achieve what you would like behaviour ,coat condition and the structure of your dog will play a huge part in the outcome.

Grooming from home

Our breeds are high maintenance when it comes to grooming.Not only dose this require a lot of effort but it is also costly.Below are a few tips and a full list of equipment needed for home grooming to keep your dog tip top between salon visits.Not only will this keep your your dog comfortable and healthy but you will also have a very happy groomer who will be able to achieve a much better standard and style when trimming your dog .

brush daily and dematt frequently throughout the week.
use the bullnose scissors to maintain eye and bum hair length.
regular bath and blow drys with both shampoo and conditioner to maintain coat health.

Bullnose scissors 

Trim your dogs eyes safely with these small bullnose scissors .

Thinning scissors 

Thin out matts prior to brushing to avoid unwanted stress.

Flexi slicker grooming brush

Great for all the hard to reach areas such as under the legs and chin.

De matting rake

Will help thin the coat whilst de matting at the same time.

Double edged grooming comb

Once your brushing and de matting is complete you should be able to comb your dog all over with little resistance.

De matting comb

Perfect for teasing out the matts in a more controlled manner.

Dental hygiene 

tooth paste and brush alongside finger brushes,wipes also available.

Baby fresh dog perfume 

Eliminate the doggy smell in between baths and keep your dog smelling fresh all of the time.

Absorbent Dog Drying cloth

Soak up a majority of the water prior to removing your dog from the bath.

Dog shampoo and conditioner 2 in 1

2 in 1 is great for cleaning to coat whilst softening the matted areas .

Microfibre drying towel 

Ideal for finishing up your drying prior to blow drying.

Face cleaning bundle

facial wash and tear stain remover great for keeping the eyes and face clean and clear,finished with nose and paw balm

Controlled environment 

Ideally if you can groom you dog up high on a work top or table that’s great.The suction cup grooming lead is perfect for restraining then in the bath and also when they are being groomed on the work top so they are safe and you have more control.you will also need an anti slip mat so they can steady themselves whilst you are lifting their paws and prevent injury.

Dog blaster hair dryer

Perfect action to any grooming kit, great  for wet walks and after the bath.adjustable speed for the more sensitive areas.Ideally whilst your dog is secure you will be drying and brushing at the same time for a knot free result.

Not managing 

If your dog is becoming frequently matted and you can’t manage the coat then you must take the welfare of you dog into consideration.We often get people moaning when their dog has been shaved extremely short buy their groomer,however groomers are not miracle workers nor should they be putting your dog through the pain of extreme de matting its cruel and will be a traumatic experience for you dog.

Don’t panic, start again and have them shaved short so they are happy and comfortable.
Get into a realistic grooming routine that you can achieve. The less time you have the shorter the hair length must be kept.
keep your dogs hair short and a manageable length even if it’s not your desired look.

Puppy introduction 

Bath blow dry and brush with eyes paws and hygiene areas trimmed are generally all that’s done in the puppy introduction grooms.

The teddy bear trim

A lovey popular trim with a round head and long tail.Clear ryes parts and hygiene areas.The wonderful fluffy cloud look achieved .

The shave off

clean and comfortable with  short trimmed ears and tail and shaved body.A ver low maintenance cut perfect for summer or for families with less time.

Shorter teddy trim

a small amount of length on the legs and body with the tail and ears kept longer which is more appealing to the eye.

Longer teddy trim

Long ears and tail and a medium length coat shaped head but an overall longer length.

The shaggy look

Long and wild with jut eyes and hygiene areas trimmed a beautiful look but extremely high maintenance.

Before and After 

Most Groomers tend to do before and after photos.
take notes and have discussions about what you do and don’t like. Listen to your groomer’s advice regarding what is realistically achievable. Find photos of what look you wish to achieve. Work with your groomer towards the end goal.Try not to constantly change groomers it’s much more beneficial to you dog to be able to build up a relationship with their groomer.