Puppy introduction groom

Grooming plays a massive part in your dogs life especially with our breeds .
your dog will need to be groomed throughout their lives to prevent matting and maintain Coat condition and health.

Oscars first full groom

Personally I really love this groom if has a really lovely shape whilst maintaining a manageable length.

Finding a groomer

Reputation is a major factor so ideally you will be looking to use a recommended groomer.
It’s important for your dog to build up a bond and become used to the salon environment as well as the groomer .
You may not always get your desired look however it’s important to communicate with your groomer.
Your groomer should be city & guilds level 3 qualified.
Please don’t be afraid to ask for proof of their qualifications.


On average a full groom should be between £30-£50 
this varies depending on experience , demand and area.
There may be additional cost for things such as..
missed appointments
anal glands

Types of grooms

A full groom should include the following 
bath & blow dry
brushing and detangling minor knots
styling the coat 
nails trimmed 
ears cleaned 

most groomers offer there full range of services separately if needed.

For example if you just need their nails trimmed or the required only a bath and brush.

It’s very important to be exact with what you require especially when it comes to the length you would like .
one person’s short is not another’s!
However you must take in to concentration that it’s not always possible to achieve what you would like behaviour,coat condition and the structure of your dog will play a huge part in the outcome.