Therapy dogs as companions

Dogs make such effective therapy animals because of their sensitivities to human emotion. They have been proven time and time again to show sympathy and empathy by nuzzling or whining when they sense a human is sad or in general emotional distress. 

Dogs for autism 

Over the years we have looked in to many charities.

Dogs for autism is the only charity we have come across that provides assistance dogs to people of any age with autism completely free of charge.

How amazing is that ! 

Please click the link below and take a look at their website.

The charity depends on donations from the public to provide their life changing services to families in need .

Every little helps so please donate if you can.

Therapy dogs for PTSD


PTSD patients with a dog don’t just sleep more, but have higher levels of oxytocin and dopamine with reduced cortisol, the stress hormone.

How else do assistance dogs and pets help sufferers of post traumatic stress order?

Improved self-sufficiency, as service dogs can be trained to assist in tasks throughout the day 

Reduction in stress and anxiety in the individual, allowing them to practise their response to stressful or triggering situations.

Provides a grounding for the patient through the dog’s consistent and positive presence.

Playing with a dog or cat can elevate serotonin and dopamine levels, which calm and relax you.

Therapy dogs in schools

Their roles can vary from actively participating in physical rehabilitation therapy to giving children with learning disabilities the confidence to read aloud and improve reading skills.

Dempsey the therapy dog

Dempsey was purchased by a wonderful head teacher and works full time in an amazing sen school .

In his spare time he is super busy being the best family pet at home .

Therapy dog visits 

If you don not need a therapy dog for your own personal reasons but would like to benefit others who do not have the opportunity you can train your own therapy dog join a therapy company such as pawsable or pets for therapy.

You can then do organised visits in places such as 

Nursing homes or hospitals to brighten someone’s day.

schools both mainstream and sen they can become reading/story time dogs.

Mental  health establishments and residential homes for people with learning difficulties who love animals but are perhaps unable to have their own.

Whilst we are lucky to have the benefits of our wonderful dogs some of  these people are not.Visits are life changing for people and it gives them something to look forward to.

Therapy dogs at work 

Therapy dogs are even being brought into the work place where they make employees feel less stressed and more productive.

Train your own therapy dog

Pawsable is a fantastic company.We highly recommended them if you are looking to train your own therapy puppy .

They are extremely helpful and knowledgeable in all aspects of therapy dogs.

Click the link to find our more.