Cavapoochon puppies

We have produced some delightful cavapoochons with beautiful thick wavy coats varying from apricot to deep red .
They have all been great little characters and have gone on to make lovable loyal companions .


We do have a waiting list system
you must be prepared to wait for one of our puppies .
please check the waiting list page for availability.
Serious applications welcome when the waiting list is open.


Cavapoochons need regular grooming
please visit our grooming page for
 top tips


Puppy training is vital to your puppies upbringing
we use the puppy plan on all our litters.

Cavapoochon litters

Contact us or visit our puppy nursery for up and coming litters

The cutest companions

Caring cavapoochons

Lovable  loyal companions their puppy features retained througout adulthod.
Genuinely love  people full of character and eager to please fast learners and ideal for therapy dogs either at home or in schools .
fantastic with children and other animals.

Cute and curious cavapoochons

Breed information

Cavapoochon sizes can vary depending on if the poodle used is a toy or miniature .

Life expectancy 14-16 years
Low or non shedding 
height 10-15 inches
size 6-12 kg
coat types wavy-curly

Please take in to consideration these are average heights and weights occasionally puppies will be larger or smaller then the above.

Cavapoochon colour and coat types

Cavapoochons come in various shades from cream apricot golden or red .We occasionally have other colours Puppies can be either solid or with white markings.

please take in to consideration that the cavalier King Charles spaniel is a moulting breed so whilst some people claim the cavapoochon is completely non moulting that is not always the case although a vast majority of  cavapoochons are completely non moulting.

The cavapoochon is a 3/4 wool non moulting breed as the poodle and Bichon  do not moult.They are a great choice for our families that have pet allergies.


Cavapoochons will need a modarate amount of exercise .
An adult  cavapoochon will require a minimum of 30 minutes a day and will require two daily walks.
Cavapoochons are people loving pet’s they love the company of other pets and humans therefore we do not allow our puppies to go to full time workers unless provisions are in place .
The are a very social breed so for our working families we highly recommend doggy day care a perfect way of  entertaining and socialising your for legged friend whilst your at work.

Cavapoochons in their new homes

We are extremely lucky we have found the very best families to have our puppies .We receive regular updates on their progress what they have been up to and of course we get sent extremely cute photos!