A little about us

We have loved owned and worked with dogs for many years achieving  many qualifications within the industry.
The cavapoo and cavapoochons came about when we started a family of our own.They have proved to be the most loyal lovable dogs who not only adapted but thrived in our family household.We really struggled to find the right breeder for us so we started our new journey providing fantastic families with well socialised puppies from health tested parents.

Family life

The breeding and rearing of our puppies is very much a family affair our children are a huge part of it  as well as myself and my partner. The breeding of dogs is not our full time profession litter wise we still fall into the hobby breeder category therefore you must be willing to wait for one of our puppies as we are not constantly breeding our dogs. Our home, husbandry and establishment have been inspected by a profesional veterinarian ,we have met the stringent requirements to qualify to breed puppies under the new animal welfare act brought out in 2018.
We Are very proud and have done everything to achieve perfection hence being successful in not only  achieving a licence but given the higher standard rating.
we will alway continue to try very best by  expanding our knowledge and services we provide for our puppy families.
Our dogs are cherished family members and enjoy all the aspects of family life with us .

Our qualifications 


Veterinary nurse assistant diploma

With distinction 

Animal assisted therapy diploma

With distinction 

Puppy care development and coaching diploma

Level 3 canine behaviour diploma 

Level 3 city and guilds dog grooming diploma 

We are fully qualified in everything breeding related from hand rearing pregnancy and birth to canine sonography and much more.

We have also attended courses and webinars gaining certification in the following 

Canine first aid

Dogs and children

Canine enrichment

Canine socialisation

Puppy profiling and temperament testing

Senior dog care

Preparing females for pregnancy

Puppy socialisation for breeders

Canine nutrition

Canine birth and growth

Interactive play with dogs

Canine skin and coat care

Positive dog training for ethical owners

The kennel club - inbreeding and selection 

The kennel club - Raising and welping a litter

The kennel club - is breeding right for me

The kennel club - dog breeding where to start


In addition to this we are also members of 

The pet welfare alliance

The canine health concern

The kennel club

Canine principles

The royal collage of canine studies

And we where foundling members of the breeder portal.

We have dedicated many years to further our education within the industry and have gone above and beyond what is required from us to breed .

We throughly enjoy learning and researching ensuring we are doing our very best for the puppies we bring into the world and that the information we are providing new owners current and correct.

Feedback Form Sent By:  Susan Bailsford

Course Title:  Animal Assisted Therapy Diploma

Overall Grade:  Distinction

Overall Percentage: 100%

Overall strengths of assessment including understanding demonstrated:

Congratulations on your distinction and achieving 100%

Exceptional quality of work, your responses were detailed, explanatory and clearly communicated this demonstrated a vast knowledge of the course material.

Your hard work was evident throughout the course work, well done.

It was an absolute pleasure to mark your work.




The dogs we choose have wonderful nature‚Äôs they have been carefully selected for their temperaments and characters .

This is vital when selecting a breeding pair as we want to heighten the percentages of their fantastic traits and characteristics that are passed on to all of their  offspring.

We assess all adults to ensure they are all fantastic with children and cats and that they have no behaviour issues before proceeding to breed .


All our dogs are health tested for hereditary breed specific conditions all DNA certificates can bee see. 

As well as this they are health checked annually and follow a strict worm, flea and vacination program.

Every puppy leaves us with their own signed veterinary check certificate.

Family fun

Our dogs have a lovely life with us.We are a very active family and have a large garden surrounded by hundreds of acres of rural walking.

We have weekly trips out to dog training the beach or different walking areas occasionally followed by a cheeky trip to the dog friendly pub for lunch!
They have endless attention from us and the children alongside family and friends.

We are your typical busy family with young children our house is full of the hustle and bustle of daily living.
We also have other pets such as chicken rabbits and Rosie the family cat .

The Raising of our puppies


From selecting their parents to health testing there is never no expense spared all our dogs and puppies have the best food the correct vet care and toys and treats galore . 

All our puppies leave with their own puppy pack full of goodies .
New families receive a wealth of information and our own personalised puppy guide.

For more detailed idea of how we work head over to
the puppy nursery or our service pages .

Love and nuture

puppies are rasied in our home with lots of love and care. We even put baby monitors on our newborn litters Throughout the night they are never left alone and there is always somone at home with them at all times. 
Puppies are carefully weaned this is a process we do not rush and mums stay with them throughout there time with us puppies learn a lot from there mums and this is proven to be the best upbringing for them .

We follow strict rountines and socialisation plans .We dedicate  our lives to their upbringing and they  are adored by all the family.

The best start

Whilst a dog will live for many years with there new families we believe that is is crucial that they have best start in Life we try our upmost to provide the best start for all our puppies.

We achive routine structure before they leave us Along with future recommendations and help we are always on hand giving their new families great foundations to start with and to carry on throughout the dogs lifetime.
All our litters follow the puppy plan socialisation program.There is a more detailed description of this in our puppy plan page.

Cat life 

Dog and cat relationships

Both breeds are very kind and gentle with other animals in general.

Here at Kent cavapoo/cavapoochons we have three wonderful cats who live with us belle,Rosie and whiskers they play a huge role In socialising our litters teaching them respect and boundaries within the relationship. 

Our cats and dogs share a lovely bond .
For all our families who already have resident cats at home We provide lots of information in our guide on how to introduce your new puppy to your cats at home .