Early neurological stimulation for puppies 


Early socialisation is crucial to the  puppies development.Outside of the usual puppy socialisation methods, there are two early neurological puppy stimulation exercises that we do in our program as well as our standard but extensive  socialisation plan.

Early Neurological stimulation is simple exercises to which we expose our puppies from starting on day  3 and finishing on day 16 this have been proven to help aid their development, resilience and coping mechanisms they will need in the future.

Benefits of introducing early puppy stimulation exercises.

  • Boost brain development
  • Improves circulation and immune system
  • Stimulates the neurological system
  • Improves stress responses in later life
  • Encourages a daily physical check of each puppy

Early Neurological Stimulation is a concept developed by Dr Carmen Battaglia, a breeder, AKC judge, researcher and writer.

It encompasses tactile stimulation, thermal stimulation and exposure to mild stressors, which improve your puppies’ stress responses. 

Performing ENS exercises each day during this early developmental phase:

  • Introduces puppies to mild stresses in a controlled way.
  • Improves stress responses in later life.
  • Stimulates the neurological system.
  • Improves puppies’ growth, immune and cardiovascular systems.

We perform 6 simple exercises every day for the 13 days ..

Holding the puppy in the laying position 

Holding them with their head up 

Holding them With their head down

Holding them on their back 

Placing them on a cool towel (temperature resistance)

Tactical stimulation (using a cotton bud)

This is all carried out and incorporated into our daily health check ups and weighing programs.

Early neurological scent introduction 


Early Scent Introduction is a concept developed by Dr Gayle Watkins, a Golden Retriever breeder, scientist, researcher and competitor in a range of dog sports.

Our ESI program Is also started from 3 days old , we use a selection of 13 natural scents and gauge each puppies reaction to the scents.

They will either have a positive,Neutral or negative reaction all our fine their scenting ability will progress throughput the program.

Scent is the way puppies experience the world. Introducing natural scents have many benefits

  • Introduce puppies to new scents in a controlled way.
  • Improves scenting ability in later life.
  • Enhances confidence and stability as adults.
  • Reduce behavioural issues in the long term

We continue this method when we ask the new families to bring a item with their scent on an we then introduce their chosen  puppy to the scent in preparation for when they go home .

  • This is also great preparation if you want work your dog as a detection dog at a later date.
  • Fun for scent games at home for enrichment
  • To join scent work clubs as a hobby with your pet.