veterinary approved home breeders

Kent Cavapoo & Cavapoochons

Veterinary approved licensed home breeders of beautiful health tested
cavapoo & cavapoochon puppies.

Our mission 

Here at kent cavapoo & cavapoochons we endeavor to ensure that purchasing a puppy to welcome into  your family either as a pet or therapy puppy runs as smooth and is as joyful as possible.
Our mission statement is not only to raise happy healthy confident and content puppies but to also support you and your puppy to the highest standard in every way.
We are very proud of the wonderful puppies we have produced They have gone on to make wonderful pets and are cherished family members.
We are very knowledgeable and have years of experience .
we are very passionate about constantly learning and improving our skills.
Over the years we have gained diplomas & qualifications in canine health and behaviour ,dog grooming, canine first aid and canine sonography and more recently a diploma in animal assisted therapy we are very passionate about providing therapy puppies as pets both at home or at work.
It give us a huge sense of achievement when you really get to see how the puppies improve the quality of life for there owners.We are always looking for ways to improve our knowledge to ensure we are providing the best possible service.

Social media 

Please feel free to follow us on social  media we have a page on both Instagram and Facebook .We try to add photos daily of updates we have received of our puppies in their new homes .
We also upload photos of our dogs so you can get a insight to the life they live with us as a family.


The adorable hybrid with the face of an angel and a personality to match.
A gentle companion with a heart of gold and puppy faced features that never grow old .


The cavapoochon hybrid  combining the best traits of  three breeds achieving a loyal loveable companion that retains their adorable  puppy faced features forever.

Puppy families

We are entrusting you to adore them as we do.Here are some of our testimonies from some of the wonderful family's our puppies have found their forever homes with.