Puppy luggage 

We send our puppies home with personalised luggage full of  all the little things they are used to having and hopefully helping them settle with their new families.
Puppy packs are one of my favourite things it reminds me for packing the baby bag for the hospital!

Currently our puppy packs contains

Personalised blanket

Personalised towel

Puppy treats

Puppy lead and collar

Puppy shampoo

Puppy Perfume

Slicker grooming brush

Grooming comb

Rope toy

Teething toy

Soft toy

Wooden toy box

reusable branded bag

Travel home kit

Our travel home kits are just a simple bag with puppy pads, and nappy sacks

Just in case the little ones have an accident on the way home .


Puppy documentation

It’s very important when taking on a puppy it’s very important that you have access to there fully history.We provide all owners with their puppies history from birth.

A signed written veterinary health report from our vet detailing what the puppy has been health checked for including the date the veterinary surgeon who has carried out the health check and the practice details.

A weight chart with your puppies birthweight and weekly weights so you can see how their progress has been monitored .

The worming program the have followed including the dates and products used .

Flea/parasite prevention that has been given

Included dates and products used.

Vaccination card

Detailing the brand of vaccine and the date given .

Microchip certificate

Transferee into your details for free by us .

Birth certificate

Detailing your puppies name birth date and birth weight.

Puppy socialisation certificate

To show the socialisation and enrichment program your puppy has followed with us .

Puppy guide

A detailed guide so you can prepare covering everything from…..

What to purchase




Bedtime routines

Feeding routines

Car travel




Insurance policy  

4 weeks complimentary insurance with pet plan.

Puppy blanket 

We provide our puppies with a scented personalised  blanket.
You will get to choose your colour and we will have your puppies name embroidered on to the blanket for you.
The blaket will have their mum and siblings scent this will be key for helping your puppy to settle in their new environment .
Its also a lovely little keepsake for you to treasure.

Reusable bag