Thank you everyone 

Massive thank you to all my wonderful puppy families truly overwhelmed to receive such wonderful and thoughtful gifts.

Customer reviews 

Great feed back is so rewarding we are constantly reciveing updates and photos of our wonderful puppies .
We often get owners coming back for their second dog from ourselves and a majority of our puppies are placed on recommendation alone.

Here is what our wonderful puppy families have to say


Nelly & family 

There are literally no words enough to explain what Melissa is like as a breeder or that could do her justice.

Before lockdown we were desperate for a puppy but when it started we made a decision as a family to wait for the right breeder no matter how long that took ... we researched and researched and after all the glowing reviews, decided to wait for Melissa’s litter. I don’t think I’ve made a wiser choice!

The magic is always in the detail. The week we chose our puppy, my 5 year old received a “thank you for choosing me” card in the post for her efforts playing the violin over zoom (our puppy turned her little head, came to the screen and watched the whole performance so we knew she was the one!) it was such a sweet and kind gesture and encapsulates everything about Melissa and the journey with her.

We were invited to send a scent blanket that we’d kept for a few days to Daisy so she could get used to our smell before picking her up and this thoughtfulness towards her puppies was seen in a hundred other details.

We went to pick Daisy up apprehensive about the journey.. when we got there we were greeted by Daisy, presented with incredibly detailed paperwork, a beautiful gift (gorgeous paw prints box with toys and personalised blanket and towel, treats, food, grooming stuff, lead and collar among other things!) ...

The greatest gift ever was Daisy... a chilled out, laid back, confident little puppy that sniffed and kissed us for the first five minutes and then slept the whole journey back!

Melissa’s socialisation plan really shone through! We listened to all her advice (not only on the day but she sent us a whole puppy guide before we picked our pup up) and it means Daisy happily slept (or at least stayed quiet) from 11pm to 6.30am) in the kitchen with her bed, water, king toys and puppy pads - we didn’t crate)...

I read so many stories about puppies that get distressed if you leave them but that’s to the incredible start Melissa gave Daisy, she happily waddles off to the kitchen for her own quiet time and has her hour/2 hour nap there and comes to play with us when she’s done!

We home educate our daughter and the second day she was taken out to meet all the kids (8 kids between 4-11) and they all carried and kissed and fussed over her and she was a saint! All testament to the great start in life she was blessed with!

We took Daisy to the vet on day 3, armed with Daisy’s folder and the vet said “in all my 17 years of being a vet in Australia and the UK, I have never come across anything more professional!” And it’s true.. but it’s not just professional, it’s sweet and humane and just overall wonderful!

But what was even more amazing was how at hand Melissa has been since we picked up our puppy! The next day she was on the phone with us - the whole family on speaker - answering all our questions, asking how the day and night had gone, suggesting tweaks... and has checked in and answered every silly little question we had immediately!! It’s just blown my mind the level of care she’s given the puppies, and us, the owners.

I’m so thankful Melissa, for every single thing you’ve done, every single thing you’ve taught us and every bit of help you’ve so joyfully given! You’re an incredible human being and I am grateful people like you exist in the world!

From nelly and family 


Kathryn & family 

We cannot recommend Melissa highly enough! We have struck gold, Melissa is second to none. When we started a new chapter in our family life of welcoming a puppy into our home ,little did we know how hard it was to find a genuine, passionate,caring breeder. From the moment we made contact with Melissa we have 100% been blown away with her knowledge, guidance and kindness. We are first time dog owners and Melissa has been there every step of the way providing us with a healthy, confident, well socialised beautiful puppy. Even before we picked Herbie up Melissa prepared us with a puppy guide and online information. We loved having pup dates each week ,whilst waiting to bring him home. Melissa’s thoughtfulness also shone through on collection day providing each puppy with a wonderful puppy pack ( including a travel pack for the journey home!). We felt very well prepared for life at home with the thoughtful items including personalised towel, grooming brushes, food and even a beautiful toy box to name but a few items! Even though Herbie has now been home with us just over a week Melissa has always been at hand to give us advice on any concerns we have had as new puppy owners . We cannot wait to begin our adventure with Herbie and will be forever grateful to Melissa for making this possible! Thank you Melissa from the bottom of our hearts .


Katie & family 

As a family we feel blessed to have found Melissa after much research.

Teddy loves people and is excited to meet anyone. He learnt how to “sit” on command and was toilet trained within 2 weeks.  He has been so easy to teach and loves to please everyone he meets, and we always get so many compliments on his looks, including cars that do u-turns in roads to ask his breed! Ted is playful, loving and a confident little boy.

Melissa has been a huge help and incredibly supportive. Teddy is a superstar. He has fitted in to family life perfectly!

It was clear he was used to being handled and had been exposed to lots of different situations which has given him such confidence. We continued with the training plan Melissa suggested and it worked really well. He’s brilliant around children of all ages and other friends dogs too. Our vet was very impressed when she could see all of the care and attention to detail from his paperwork. We will always be eternally grateful to have found Melissa and to have Teddy in our lives.

Melissa even gave us a bundle of toys, treats and a personalised blanket which was really helpful for Ted in his first few weeks at home. She has even kept in touch now as she loves to know how Teddy is getting on


Helen & rob

There are not enough superlatives to describe just how great Melissa has been! She is always generous with her time and knowledge and always there when you need advice and reassurance.
Waffle is our second puppy from Melissa. Our first, Poppy, joined our family last year and we are so in love with her that we decided that a companion for her would make us complete.
Melissa advised what personality and temperament would compliment our shy girl Poppy and so we welcomed Waffle, who is a funny, ballsy little character that absolutely loves Poppy and she her.
We couldn’t have asked for more.
Thank you Melissa.
From Helen, Rob and our now completed family xxx


Nikki & family 

Melissa originally came on recommendation from a friend. Straight away I could tell that she was passionate about her dogs and the breeding of the little ones. We were going to be first time dog owners and had considered this decision for a year and a half but I immediately I liked her and felt reassured and comfortable.
It took a year from first contact to actually having Vincent but in that time we stayed in regular contact and built up a good relationship, this is essential for anyone thinking of having a dog! Even though it took time I didn’t once think of going elsewhere to find the dog we wanted because I could tell how much Melissa loved the dogs and puppies and was so informative passionate about what she does..
We let Melissa match us with our dog as she got to know their personalities and found out about our family and it was such a good decision as we are first time dog owners and put ourselves in her hands! It was the best decision. Our Vincent is such a wonderful, chilled out little man and people we know and meet that have dogs and those that don’t all comment on how well behaved and calm he is and this is testament to the work that Melissa has put in with him before we took him home ❤️ and it was well set up for us to carry on! She provided us with a well equipped puppy pack, lovely gifts and all the information we needed for our first few days as we felt a bit nervous about this new little man we were going to have responsibility for! But it was love at first sight! Its also been so reassuring to know that whenever I need advice or want to talk something through she’s just at the end of the phone and wants to know how Vincent is getting on and to see photos of him. I was expecting a couple of months of hell but it has been so much easier than I expected and we honestly can’t imagine a life now without our little Vincent. Thank you Melissa ❤️..


One of our therapy dogs working in a wonderful sen primary school.

Teresa and family

So today this beautiful little puppy got his ‘work uniform’. He’s already settled into our home and confidently learnt his way around two school sites. He is the most incredible puppy, beautiful, gentle and brave. He is picking up his training so quickly and constantly amazes me with how clever he is. I know, with absolute certainty that so much of this is because Melissa gave him the best start and I can’t thank her and her family enough. She was great while we were waiting for him
to arrive, supporting with socialisation, training and just being patient with my questions and has remained a brilliant support during his first month in our home. Thank you Melissa - for everything. Xx



I have 3 beautiful children that have grown and now have their own lives. I often spent weekends alone and had thought about getting a dog but was worried about the commitment and whether I could look after one.

After a couple of years I by chance found Melissa online. From the start it was meant to be. With so many scams out there I was worried about finding the right breeder but as soon as I spoke to Melissa I was reassured.

Bailey has changed my life so much for the better. She is my partner in crime! From day 1 she slept in her crate and has been a perfect angel (almost). Bailey is 9 months old now and is so clever! I truly believe because she got the best start in life it has made all the difference to her behaviour as a growing puppy.

I can’t thank Melissa enough for the help and support she has given me.


Laura & family 

As a family we feel blessed to have found Melissa after much research. We had some big asks as we wanted a therapy puppy and had settled on a cavapoochon as being the perfect breed. Melissa has been a huge help and incredibly supportive. Monty is a superstar. He has fitted in to family life perfectly and is so calm and confident. He makes our daughter laugh and giggle every day and gives the best cuddles. He soon got used to his car seat and loves nothing more than a ride in my bike basket! He settled at night from day one and we knew just how much love and early training Melissa had given him. It was clear he was used to being handled and had been exposed to lots of different situations which has given him such confidence. We’ve continued with the training plan Melissa suggested and it’s working really well. He’s brilliant around our five year old cat, children of all ages and other friends dogs too. Our vet was very impressed when she could see all of the care and attention to detail from his paperwork. We will always be eternally grateful to have found Melissa and to have Monty in our lives. He is one special pup and we couldn’t have asked for more from Melissa.



We wish to thank Melissa for our little Beare and all the care given during the time leading up to the day we took him home. From the start Melissa gave us lots of information and tips, also kept us up to date at every stage of the pups development with photos and videos to support. We knew we could contact Melissa with any questions or concerns throughout the process. On the day we collected Beare I was overwhelmed with the love and care taken with what we were given to take home!! Melissa had not only thought of everything but it was all personalised for each puppy! Lovely thank you again for our little Beare a bundle of mischief that loves a cuddle just what we asked for. ❤️


Sarah & family 

Where do I start, we had been waiting so long for the right breeder to come along when I got the call from Mellisa I knew she was the one for us she was amazing.
Melissa was extremely helpful and was always at the end of the phone or by text which was important for us being first time dog owners.
And she continues to support us now when ever we need any advice. The day we met nala over face time we immediately fell in love she was perfect.
Mellissa provided us with regular updates, photos ,videos until the day we collected her. When we got her home she settled in extremely well she was immediately able to use puppy pads and is doing fab she is a very loving puppy and very clever, she is loved so much and has made our family complete.
I would thoroughly recommend Melissa as a breeder to anyone we feel very lucky to have met her and for her to have picked us to home one of her beautiful puppies.
Sarah and Craig and family and Nala


Imogen & Ed

We picked up Noodle just over two weeks ago after an over a year of waiting for the right time for our puppy. We didn’t consider for a minute going to anyone else, because of how well Melissa raises her dogs.

Noodle is quite simply the perfect puppy! We can’t believe how confident and clever he is, and he settled into our new home almost immediately. Thanks to all of Melissa’s hard work, he takes everything in his stride and loves nothing more than to play, cuddle and sleep!

From day one, he knew how to use his puppy pads and he took to toilet training so quickly - we hardly have any accidents anymore.

Noodle uses the crate at night, and his lack of distress in the evenings is I’m sure thanks to Melissa’s preparation.

Noodle is already a much loved third family member and I know we will have many happy years with him. Thank you again Melissa - you couldn’t have done a better job!


Gabriella and family

Melissa made me feel comfortable from the moment we spoke, she was able to answer any questions I had and kept me updated every week with pictures of our new pup! We couldn’t wait to pick her up and when we did we couldn’t be more thrilled. Olive easily settled into our family from the moment she arrived. She wasn’t nervous at all, interacted nicely with everyone and after a few days slept right through the night with no issues. It’s clear she was socialised properly, plus Melissa even gave us a bundle of toys, treats and a personalised blanket which was really helpful for her first few weeks at home. She has even kept in touch as she loves to know how Olive is getting on. I would highly recommend her and feel so grateful she raised such a lovely pup that has changed our lives for the better!


Marian & rob

We collected Cosmo just 10 days ago. We were on the waiting list 15 months but I was determined that we would wait for one of Melissa's puppy's and I cannot express what a wise decision that was!
From confirmation that we could have a puppy, Melissa's comms have been excellent and clear. So important for a first time owner like me. The Instagram recommends books to read and they have brilliant to read in prep.
Hubby had dogs years ago, but we both cannot believe how easy Cosmo has been. I have taken 2 weeks off work and would recommend this as it's made training so easy and creating a routine for the puppy.
Cosmo went into the crate and used the puppy pad from day 1 - there may have only been one miss a day - both credit to Melissa's hard work before handing over.
Cosmo is in the crate at night and wakes up 3 times a night at similar times, having used the puppy pad and wanting his treat & quick cuddle - he's always back settled in 10 minutes. At 9 weeks, that's pretty amazing!
Melissa made it clear that we can get in touch with any queries and her after care so far has been excellent guidance.
Cosmo is already enriching our lives and we are so grateful to Melissa for providing us with such a bundle of joy, so ready for fitting into our family life.


Daisy & family 

Finding Melissa was truly one of the happiest things to happen to me in such a long time. Right from the moment I had my first phone call with her I could tell how much the puppies meant to her, she was so informative and took the time to really spell out to me what each stage of this process would be.

Due to covid we had to first meet our beautiful Penny over a zoom call, on this call we could see what a beautiful home the puppies had and how gloriously content they all were! No less than two days later we received a card through the post with a photo of our Penny Pup and it was addressed to my little girl thanking her for choosing her. This made my girl well up with happiness, she felt so special and it immediately created the start of their bond.
Melissa kept us well up to date with regular photos over the coming weeks until the big day finally arrived for us to pick her up - we chose an early morning slot as we were beside ourselves with excitement.

On arrival the absolutely beautiful Melissa greeted us with our freshly pampered pooch who was fluffy and smelling of baby powder, it was like something out of a fairytale honestly, Melissa had made us the most unbelievable hamper to take away with us complete with literally EVERYTHING we could need for our first few weeks as new puppy parents! A big bag of food along with vouchers for this food brand, A personalised blanket, grooming brushes, puppy perfume, shampoo, toys, puppy pads - you name it she had it, and all presented in a gorgeous wooden crate, it’s just unheard of for a breeder to go to these lengths!!
Also included were all of the relevant vets documents meaning I would have such an easy experience when taking her to my vets for the first time.

Now for the best part, the part that speaks volumes - taking our puppy home. She was calm, content and completely comfortable and not phased by my crazy little girl who was completely over excited and wanted her to play immediately.
Thanks to Melissa’s hard work our puppy immediately did her toilet on the potty pads, I could not believe my eyes, then at night she settled down nicely as we went off to bed and other than a small stir she slept right through! People cannot believe how lucky I am when I tell them about my perfect pooch but I tell them the only luck was finding Melissa, the rest of it is all her hard work.

We are on our second week now with our perfect princess and I truly can’t remember life before her, she is the perfect addition to the family and the most perfect companion to my little girl who says she has found her best friend for life!

Thank you Melissa for changing our lives forever in the most magical way xxx


Helen & family 

Can’t believe how lucky we were in finding Melissa and will be eternally grateful for the absolute gift that is Poppy! Melissa was helpful and knowledgeable from day one and is still there for support now, if and when we may need it. Thanks again and again....... Helen & Rob


Josie and family 

It was evident from my first call with Melissa that she has a passion and love for dogs and when we first met Roofus it was clear that he had been brought up in a family home with lots of love. Not only did Melissa provide us with regular updates from the day Roofus was born but she’s also been on hand for any questions or concerns we have had since we picked him up which has been amazing and so helpful given this is our first time raising a puppy. He has fitted into our life so seamlessly and is such a confident and playful little bundle of fluff, we now couldn’t imagine life without him ❤️


Claudia & family 

We couldn’t of asked for a better breeder and nicer person then Melissa, she is so knowledgeable and our little man is perfect. Our puppy is so confident and not afraid of anything, he showed signs of being trained from the start. With in a week we have got him toilet trained, on the first night he slept all the way through. When we’ve used a Hoover, hears a loud bang it doesn’t even bother him at all. We got weekly pup dates and even though we now have the pup she is always on the other side of the phone when I have a question or two. Would recommend to anyone wanting a pup, very professional. All we can say is Thankyou to Melissa!


Fran & family 

We have been the proud owners of Alfie for a month now and every day we are amazed by him! He was given the best start with Melissa, and she has made the process of becoming first time dog owners a very smooth one, giving Alfie the best possible start in life. He came to us a calm and confident puppy, just what we wanted for our family. Nothing has phased him so far as we have introduced him to the world, and he has fitted amazingly into our family. From day 1 bringing him home he learnt quickly to use his puppy pad and slept so well in his crate. He has now been outiside for 4 days and nearly has toilet training cracked. He is so playful, gentle and loving with our girls and is such a clever pup, learning so fast. He is incredibly sociable and loves everyone he meets (and he certainly gets a lot of attention!). Alfie has brought so much joy to our family already and we can't wait to learn so much with him and have loads of fun! Thank you Melissa for giving us this opportunity.


Danielle and family 

Our Rio is amazing, we knew right away he had the best possible start in life which made everything easier for us. He took the long car journey, kids playing/crying, neighbour’s dogs barking, loud cars/dogs when being held on walks and household noises all in his stride immediately. We feel so lucky to have came across Melissa who ticked all the ‘what you want from a breeder’ boxes right away, then sent us weekly updates and from day 1 has always been there to help/answer any questions. Rio has made our house a home


Suzanne and family 

In my search for a cavapoochon puppy I was very particular about finding an ethical breeder who places high importance on the health and wellbeing of both their litters and the dogs they breed from. I was especially keen to use someone whobreeds from DNA-tested parents to ensure that puppies are clear from all hereditary conditions associated with theirconstituent breeds, and who raises their litters within a loving home setting, with a focus on early socialisation, giving puppies the best possible start in life. From researching online, I came across Melissa at Kent Cavapoo &Cavapoochons, who not only ticked all these boxes but also placed an encouraging emphasis on vetting potential ownersthoroughly to ensure that puppies go only to good homes.

From choosing my puppy Busby to bringing him home, Melissa has taken care to update and support me as a first-time owner. She sent a gorgeous ‘thank you for choosing me’ card from Busby and weekly photo and video updates of himuntil he came home, and provided us with a beautiful toy box full of essentials and goodies to start us off. I also received a comprehensive set of paperwork for Busby, as well as an extremely helpful puppy guide in advance so that I could prepare for his arrival, covering the necessary kit I would need for him and guidelines for establishing important routines. Melissa is extremely knowledgeable and has been ready with advice whenever I have requested it, for which I’m very grateful, and it’s hugely reassuring to know that I haveher ongoing support.

Busby is absolutely beautiful and has the sweetest temperament; he is affectionate, calm and quick to learn. He settled in with us seamlessly and has been a joyful addition to our family; he’s truly adorable and everything I hoped he would be. It’s clear that Melissa has a passion for breeding and takes great pride in everything she does, and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

Suzanne and family


Kate and family

Melissa  was recommended to us from a friend.
From the moment We spoke on the phone I felt we were in safe hands. Professional, knowledgeable, and clearly kind and loving with her animals.
She clearly explained the breed and his parentage so our expectations were managed correctly.
She welcomed us to her home, we saw the puppies interacting with their mother, she also took time to get to know us and make sure we were the right fit for our cavapoo and vice versa.
Whilst we waited for him to live with us, Melissa kept us updated with pictures and videos of how he was getting on.
When he arrived home, with his own toys, bed and blankets - it was clear He has been socialised beautifully. He has never been anxious or jumpy - he’s comfortable in our home, with our children and adores everyone.
He has a been our light in the dark and we can’t imagine our family without him.


Helen & phil

Good things are worth waiting for!
If anything was worth the wait… then little Teddie is absolutely one thing that saying was meant for.
Yes you have to apply for the waiting list, yes we had to wait 14 months from first contact to picking Teddie up but once you have read how Melissa brings these little boys and girls into people lives trust us it is totally worth the process.

From the announcement that a litter had been born and that our place on the waiting list meant we were in the selection process, the information delivered to us has been so informative and well laid out as first time puppy parents we really felt we had a good head start to be ready.

Selection day was a great experience and we instantly bonded with ‘the little girl pup’ wanting cuddles and falling asleep on my lap, the choice was easy. Given ‘project Teddy/Teddie’ had now come to this point we could not get past the name so Teddie was now going to be a huge part of our lives.

10 days later we collected Teddie and brought her home, she easily adjusted and settled in to her new surroundings, the modest (under £20) investment in a wifi camera trained on her bed made for peace of mind and checking any small whimpers we heard at night without coming downstairs.
She behaves so well and receives adoration from everyone she meets. A busy Bank Holiday weekend and following week had Teddie in the car, carried in her puppy sling and in her carry case in numerous cafe’s, restaurants and different locations all faced with a calm and quite attitude, even letting me know it was time for a wee whilst being carried along the seafront promenade. So much fun so far and so much more to come as we all soon venture to walking outside, attend puppy training and play on the beach as we begin May 2022.

Thank you Melissa for still providing guidance and information and being available for questions as they occur but especially for making it possible for Teddie to be ours, bringing so much joy and enrichment to us both.

Very proud and doting puppy parents - Phil & Helen (and our little princess Teddie xx)


Sarah & family 

The journey to owning a fur baby has been a long one. Our daughter first planted the seed a couple of years ago. After consideration (and expert negotiation and persuasion from our daughter) we decided that we were ready to take the plunge! We embarked on a period of exploration, which was fraught with potential pitfalls! Non registered breeders, sketchy information and a plethora of options focusing on what the puppy looks like! How different Melissa is! From the outset we could tell that this was going to be a totally different, and positive, experience. Melissa places so much emphasis on matching your lifestyle with the puppy’s temperament and personality. I loved the fact that she focused on these, so much more vital, elements rather than dressing the puppy up for a photo shoot! Autumn has been with us for a little over two weeks now. She is a robust, happy and healthy puppy. A fast learner and an absolute joy!


The seal family

Where do we start?! Melissa is the breeder of all breeders - what an absolute superstar!

Both my wife and I had not owned a dog before so we had plenty of questions ahead of paying our deposit. Melissa spent a significant amount of time to discuss everything with us on the phone. She was unbelievably knowledgeable as well as patient - given all the silly questions we had!

We visited Teddy when he was 5/6 weeks old. We could tell how well looked after he was along with his mummy and brothers and sisters. Once again Melissa was amazing at answering our never ending questions during this visit - we spent over an hour at her house!

We picked Teddy up to come to his new home when he was 8 weeks. He is the most amazing, wonderful, perfect and calm dog - along with another hundred adjectives! We honestly could not have hoped for better. ALL credit must go to Melissa and her family for how they looked after him and socialised him into a home environment during his first two months.

Melissa continues to always want photos of Teddy and she consistently checks up on him to see how he is - which we massively appreciate. She still answers all our questions that arise every now and then - and she still manages to surprise us with her exceptional knowledge.

If there was a best breeder in the world contest - Melissa would win hands down. Thank you for the being the best of the best.


Susan and family 

I found Melissa by pure chance or as I like to think of it now, as “Fate”.  From our first initial phonecall I knew I had met someone who truly cares about the dogs she breeds and the families that home them.  Being a first time dog owner and looking for a dog suitable around our 3 children, Melissa was so helpful in explaining all about the breed and the whole procedure from the start.  We felt totally at ease and in great hands.  The excitement each week of receiving our Puppy updates was lovely and really helped us with bonding so early on.  Obviously we couldn’t meet her early on due to the lockdown restrictions but Melissa always kept us updated on her progress.  When we brought her home we instantly knew she had come from a well socialised home.  She was totally at ease on the car journey home and quickly settled in to our family home life.  Melissa’s puppy pack was full of valuable information that we followed to help Bailey settle in and was so valuable in those early days.  The first few nights were tough putting her in her crate but we stuck to it and left her through the night, as Melissa advised.  Within a week, she was walking in her crate on her own at night and feels happy and secure in her little bed.  Bailey loves people and is excited to meet anyone.  She has learnt how to “sit” on command and was toilet trained within 2 weeks.  She has been so easy to teach and loves to please.  Even though there is a long way to go she takes everything in her stride.  She is playful, loving and a confident little girl.  Melissa has always been at the end of a phone for advice and now I enjoy sending her the updates on how Bailey is getting on.  We are so grateful we found Melissa and will always be grateful for giving us Bailey to complete our family.  


The sims family

Melissa came highly recommended by a friend who bought her puppy from her as well as my vet who examined their puppy. She was the first person I called when we finally decided to get a dog and her warm and trustworthy response meant that I had to look no further:

As a dog novice she took the time to explain everything to me in detail, kept me in the loop with our puppy’s development pro-actively and checked in a few times over text and phone calls.

Simba our puppy arrived in perfect condition, was beautifully socialised and is the kindest puppy we could have asked for.

It won’t come as a surprise that I have already recommended her to various friends of mine and will continue to do so. 

A big thank you Melissa for everything you have done for us!’


Sonja and family 

Oh my goodness Cherry is doing great. We love her so much! She’s the friendliest, bounciest, snuggliest little pup — honestly better than we could have dreamed! You have done such a brilliant job bringing her up! From the moment we picked her up, she was confident, adaptable, and ready for anything. She LOVES people and other dogs, she doesn’t mind any city noises (even sirens passing!) - she took her first tube and bus journeys completely in stride and just relaxed and fell asleep! I have never gotten a dog from a breeder before, and you are the perfect example of why it can be absolutely brilliant. You have brought her up perfectly, we wouldn’t change a thing about our little angel dog!


Tiffany & family 

Melissa is an expert breeder. Although my children have been desperate for a dog for sometime, we wanted to wait for the right breeder and the right dog. From start to finish, Melissa was a fountain of knowledge. Before we brought our puppy home, she provided us with all of the information we needed to prepare for his arrival. She ensured she was available by phone or WhatsApp for any question that arose. When it came down to actually choosing our puppy, she was very direct and honest about which puppy would fit our family best, which I’m very grateful for. Now that our little Alfie is home with us, she continues to check on his progress periodically and help answer any queries I have. She obviously cares deeply about the puppies and is invested in ensuring they grow up to be happy, healthy dogs! I am so grateful to Melissa for all of her help and for giving us Alfie who has completed our family. I’d recommend Mellissa to anyone looking for a puppy!


Many thanks,



Sharron and family 

 Melissa was extremely helpful and informative which was important for us as first time dog owners. We visited him when he was 5 weeks old and immediately fell in love. For the next 3 weeks, Mellissa provided us with regular updates, photos and information such as his various health checkups. After collecting him at 8 weeks he was immediately able to use puppy pads and was sleeping through the night from his 2nd night. He had clearly been well socialised before we got him and he’s a very confident little chap and never barks apart at our floor steamer ! He’s fitting in well with our cats as he’d already met cats at Mellisa’s. He’s been a wonderful addition to the family and would thoroughly recommend Melissa as a breeder.


Becky & family 

.As first time dog owners in a family with small children it was really important to us that our puppy got the best start and came from a breeder we felt confident we could trust. From the first chat we had with Melissa we could tell that not only was she really experienced but also that she really cared about her puppies and the homes they were going to. She kept us fully updated with pictures and videos until it was time for us to bring Nuala home. She was also on hand for advice which really gave us confidence that we had some support. Although actually our little puppy Nuala has always been an absolute dream. She was trained to use a puppy pad straightaway and slept through the night right from the start. People always comment on her laid back and friendly nature. She has been the perfect addition to our family and we are so lucky to have her. We are so grateful to Melissa for giving her the absolute best start.