Family reared health tested cavapoo & cavapoochon puppies

The puppy nursery

Puppy life

Our puppies are raised in a beautiful environment with plenty of space to explore and have fun .

We have a very busy household and they will definitely be used to the hustle and bustle of family life.

Cavapoo puppy
1 week old

Cavapoo puppy
2 weeks old

Cavapoo puppies
4 weeks old

Butternut box

Butternut box take the best quality ingredients that we can find, gently cook them at 90 degrees, and quickly freeze them so that we can lock in the freshness without relying on any nasty preservatives.

We have found food to be the absolute best when it comes to fussy Eaters.

All our litters leave us with a complimentary box delivered to your door.

The natural 

Extremely tasty healthy treats and chews for your dogs.

All our litters revive 30% off at the natural pet shop.We recommend to purchase the puppy treat box .

socialization plan

This is the online plan we follow with our litters .A progress report is given to the new families to follow on if they choose.

Puppy culture

Alongside the puppy plan we also use puppy culture whilst raising our puppies.

The kennel club

We hold an affix with the kennel club.


Every puppy will leave us with 4 weeks complementary insurance to ensure you are 
covered from the start.